MBIP Is Temporarily Down And Somewhat Out


So I came home last night after work and the lights on my modem were blinking wierdly and it wasn’t working. So no internet for me! I’m sitting here at the McDonald’s on University near Pioneer Park using their Wifi and drinking iced tea and thinking about the last time I was in a McDonald’s eating a McRib and I’m starting to feel a little sick.

Anyway, it’s too hard to post pictures and stuff from my laptop because it's so old it doesn't work well with the new SquareSpace platform, so this is all I have for today. Supposedly someone from Comcast is coming out to MBIP World Headquarters between 1 and 3PM to get me back on the internet and if I have time before work, I’ll post the short story I was going to put up today. It’s a two part story that I wrote a while back for Gadfly magazine about me getting busted for drinking a beer in New York years ago. If I don’t have time to put up part one today, I’ll just put up both parts tomorrow. Hopefully the Comcast person shows up closer to 1PM than 3PM, but the guy I talked to last night could barely speak English, so I’d say the odds are 50/50 that someone even shows up.

So stay tuned...I might go get an Egg McMuffin now.