I'm Down (I'm Really Down)


Let me tell you about my daily schedule before I get into what's going on here. I usually wake up around 7:30 or 8:00 in the morning to put up my daily post around 10AM. It usually takes me about two hours to put the post up because I have to resize and work with photos in Photoshop and write the captions and then publish it. Then I take a shower and then around 11AM I hype the post on facecrack and Twitter. Then I go out and do something for the next days post in the afternoon or I run errands and do something for the next days post in the evening. Also in the afternoon I usually write the introduction for the next day's post, find related post links, get the song for the next day off YouTube and find links for the Surprise link and for the Daily Linkage on the Bucket List page. And then I go to work. That's my day and if one small thing interrupts that schedule then things are fucked up five ways from Friday.

And that's what's happening now. I'll explain. Last Friday I overslept and the post went up late. Nobody probably noticed but me, but I had a feeling of dread that that was the start of a bad luck chain and I was right.

I was pretty busy Friday, but got Saturday's post all set to run. I figured that Saturday afternoon I could get Sunday's record party post ready to go, then Saturday night I'd go out for my cheeseburger post and I'd get that ready on Sunday. Well, it turned out I had to work a double shift on Saturday so I wasn't able to put Sunday's post together in the afternoon. So I thought I'd bite the bullet and put together todays post last night after doing the cheeseburger thingy. Then I came home and the power was out in my building.


So I thought I'd set my alarm (then I realized without power I couldn't set my alarm) and get up early and do today's post and then work on tomorrow's post in the afternoon before going out for pizza for Tuesday's post. This shit never ends. So I wake up today and...the fucking power's still out. And I've been told it might be out all day and maybe tonight. So I'm sitting in a Starfucks writing this to let you know it might be a little bumpy the next day or two.

If I'm late getting back to you with an email, it's because I'm having to do this all from Wifi spots in between trying to get all my shit done.

So, just like The Beatles, I'm down for now, but at least I got this post out. Hopefully we'll be back up to full speed tomorrow.