For some reason I updated this post and lost the original part of it. Some days you just can’t win. Basically it said that I had spilled beer on my computer keyboard last night and it didn’t work today. So I posted the original part of this from Starfucks because I couldn’t remember the suggestions that people had given me the last time my computer went south. So I had to wait for Best Buy to open and was praying that it wouldn’t be as bad an experience as the last time my keyboard went out on me. Well, you can read about my Best Buy experience in the update below.

UPDATE: I’m not going to spend a lot of time writing this, but Best Buy can eat a million miles of shit and choke to death then come back to life eat two more million miles of shit and slowly choke right the fuck back to death and then never come back. I wanted to get a USB keyboard, just like the one I poured a beer on last night and ruined, but no, the fucking sales prick there said a wireless keyboard would work just fine and kind of acted like that was my only option. I asked him if there was anything special I had to do to set it up, because I’m horrible at these kind of things and his exact words were: “All you have to do is take the mouse and the keyboard out of the box and they’ll work right away.

Well, to make a long story short because I’ve got shit to do because it didn’t fucking work right away, is that I got home and it didn’t work right away. So I had to go back and deal with some pseudo-bearded hipster fuckwad who gave me major attitude because I didn’t take the batteries out of the mouse and turn it on before I tried to use it on my computer. And then he told me that if my bluetooth was turned off, it still wouldn’t work.

Now I’m pissed because I was never told about taking the batteries out and the off and on switch, I was told they would work right out of the fucking box and I have no fucking idea if my bluetooth is turned off on my computer or not. I’ve heard of the word “bluetooth,” but to tell you the truth, I don’t really know what the fuck it is. It sounds more like a dental condition than a computer problem to me.

So when I tell this jackass I’m not sure if the bluetooth is on or off, his solution is to buy another mouse to hook up to it to be able to turn the bluetooth on. When I tell him I don’t really want to spend money to buy an additional mouse, he huffs and puffs and then says: “Well afterwards you can just bring it back.”

Oh great another trip to this big box store of fuck to deal with more jackassery. I ask him if they stock USB keyboards like the kind I had and he begrudgingly led me to an aisle that stocked keyboards that simply hook up with a USB cable. Even though I was pissed, I thanked him and then had to wait in line for about twenty minutes at the customer service desk to replace them.

When my turn finally came up, the woman rang some stuff up on the cash register and gave me a 43 dollar refund. And that’s when I realized why the original asshole pushed the wireless keyboard on me. It was to make an extra 43 bucks.

And so all I have to say is this: FUCK YOU BEST BUY! I’m going to find out the name of the top person in charge of this piece of shit big box corporation and write the angriest letter in the world to him. I’ll post that another day, but now, thanks to this piece of shit store, my entire schedule for the day and this blog is thrown way the fuck out of whack.

I have a schedule for this blog and when it gets derailed, so do I. It’s not easy to explain, but it’s an OCD thing and it really throws me for a loop, so I have to go and try to straighten shit out in my head. The post I originally was going to put up will now be posted next Wednesday. Now I have to start researching who is the top person that runs Best Buy and write this person the angriest letter in the world. Then I have to get a big salad and get ready for work.