Howdy, From New York


1. toptitle_oct4.jpg

Okay, I'm here in New York City and the wifi in my hotel room is wonky as fuck! So I'm jjust going to post some photos from last night and be done with it. Here we go... 

2. newyork_oct4.jpg

There's New York City from my aisle seat on the plane. I'll spare you the delays and bullshit from American Airlines, at least we're here and I didn't get arrested this time! 

3. pennstation_oct4.jpg

Okay, I got all checked in at my hotel and now here we are at Penn Station. I thought we'd hit a few familiar spots in the East Village tonight. 

4. rushhour_oct4.jpg

It's rush hour here and I almost forgot how crazy it is here at this time of night. 

5. train_oct4.jpg

Here's the train... 

6. zoltar_oct4.jpg

And here we are in the East Village. There's our old pal Zoltar, greeting us from in front of Gem Spa.

7. tsb_oct4.jpg

I thought we'd have dinner at Tompkins Square Bagel and see if a certain sandwich is still available here,

8. lookssame_oct4.jpg

The place looks the same, I love it in here!

9. tessa_oct4.jpg

Here's Tessa working behind the counter. She's been here since the place opened, but i had never met her. I asked her if the Wombacher was still on the menu... 

10. wombacher_oct4.jpg

And she pointed out that it still was! Hot damn, time for dinner in the Lower East Side!

11. servedup_oct4.jpg

And here it is, served up by Eric and Tessa.


It's delicious and it brings a new meaning to the words, "Eat me."

13. lucys_oct4.jpg

Right down the block from Tompkins Square Bagels is one of my favorite New York bars, Lucy's.

14. insidelucys_oct4.jpg

This is one of New York's best dive bars, and I see a familiar face back there...

14. lucy_oct4.jpg

It's Lucy, serving up the first of many beers to be had tonight. I'm not driving, so I can have more than two tonight. It was great to see Lucy and catch up with her. Lucy told me she's been running this bar for over 34 years.

15. myview_oct4.jpg

The bottles behind the bar stand unlit and at attention.

16. tablesopposite_oct4.jpg

Tables line the wall opposite the bar.

17. pooltables_oct4.jpg

There's two pool tables in the back of the bar.

18. backofbar_oct4.jpg

Here's a shot from the back of the bar. 

19. showedup_oct4.jpg

Another bartender has shown up tonight...

19. lucyandkasia_oct4.jpg

It's Kasia, Lucy's grandaughter, nice to see them keeping it all in the family. We met both of these ladies a couple of years ago on the 365 bar crawl.

20. dunceser_oct4.jpg

Check it out, MBIP pal, The Duncester showed up! It was great to see him and catch up on things.

21. rays_oct4.jpg

After a couple of beers, The Duncester had to head out, so I walked a couple doors down to a familiar spot, Ray's Candy Store.

21. familiarsifth_oct4.jpg

And there he is...

22. ray_oct4.jpg

Heavy metal Ray! It was great to see him again! 

23. eggcrdam_oct4.jpg

I got one of his world famous egg creams and it was delicious as it always is.

24. bobandray_oct4.jpg

Ray and I talked about our mutual friend, Bob Arihood, who passed away a few years ago. I sure miss Bob, but it was great reuniting with Ray, The Duncester, Lucy, Kasia and Terra and Eric from Tompkins Square Bagels. Okay, i'm off to enjoy this vacation, we'll see you all tomorrow!