Auto Row by "Boris" Boden


On the weekends, I’m going to have contributing writers and photographers doing the posts here. It’ll give me a little break to get ready for next week and I feel it’ll give the blog a more varied voice. Today’s contributing writer/photographer is my good friend,“Boris” Boden, you can see his photo and bio here. “Boris” has contributed art to all my other blogs and recently he’s unleashed an inner passion for photography and he’ll be presenting a photo essay/journey every other week here at MBIP. Okay, start your engines, ”Boris!”

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This week, I am trying to be a bit more organized (bear with me). In this collection of photos, I have continued on my journey of searching for the “Beauty In Decay.” In this particular photo collection, I have concentrated on the American automobile (and vehicles). Having been a “gear head” my entire life, it naturally became of interest to me, when I had “discovered” some of these abandoned vehicles while out on various photo shoots.

My depictions of the rusted out hulks of these vehicles, shows the color (be it camouflaging with the surroundings as well during the fall season, and the stark contrasts, not only of color but of textures as well) as well as the “dying” of man-made things, among the “life” of nature. A few mirror the seasonal “dying” of the nature, surrounding it during the fall and winter seasons, only to have the spring bring new life to envelop the automobiles in an ongoing cycle. What amazes me the most about some of the old automobiles, is how some of that “good American steel” has held up over the decades with some of these examples of “Detroit iron.” Whereas Detroit, Michigan and the automobile Industry have somewhat died off over the years, these examples continue to “live”' on amidst their surroundings, certainly having seen “better days.”

While shooting these vehicles, I continually wondered about their stories, of the owners that ordered, took delivery on, and how the vehicles served them in their time, the travels, family vacations and what finally brought them to their demise. It's a look at their “expressions,” some in their “eyes” and some a “look inside” as seen through my eyes behind the lens of my camera.

I salute all of you, as you served us well.

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