The First Annual MBIP Festival Of Lights and Shiny Christmas Stuff • By Bob and Danielle Gordon


On the weekends, I’m going to have contributing writers and photographers doing the posts here. It’ll give me a little break to get ready for next week and I feel it’ll give the blog a more varied voice. Today’s contributing writers and photographers is the husband and wife team of Bob and Danielle Gordon, you can see Bob’s photo and bio here (scroll down and you’ll find him.) Okay, take it away, Bob and Danielle!

21. lastone_dec23.jpg

Gone are the days of visiting downtown Peoria and checking storefront windows like Bergner's and Carsons' animatronic displays or Cilco's colorful showcase. At MBIP we will try to continue that tradition via the wonderful internet. We shot pictures of homes and businesses in Peoria trying to get good variety of neighborhoods and decorations. If we missed you or special festive places, let us know, this is our first annual outing and will stop by next year. To no further ado here is MBIP's Festival of Lights! Plus you don't have to get in your car and wait in a hour long line!

Merry Christmas!

MBIP Festival Of Lights!