Behind The Scenes At The Greg And Dan Show


Okay, it's been a little challenging here, my laptop's been acting screwy and I'm kind of brain dead, but here's some behind the scene photos from the Greg and Dan Show.

Here's Greg at the helm of the show! (For some reason I can't bold the type and this is driving me nuts, I wish they had beer in here!

And here's Dan, asking about when I got arrested after being at Wolfgang's. A long story that maybe one day I'll blog about.

Here's producer Jessica, who Greg calls the brains behind the operation. Check out her blog here: Jessica's blog. Okay, now it's not letting me put up a clickable link. I'm starting to think this whole studio is jinxed and I may never get out of here alive. Mama!

Senator Darin LaHood was a guest a few minutes ago and it turns out his dad, Ray LaHood is my dad's cousin, so the next time I get arrested, I'm hoping he can pull some strings and get me sprung with no bail. Okay, hopefully there'll be more later, so far there's been no comments, is anyone out there?